Bamboo Dinnerware Set - Beige
Bamboo Dinnerware Set - Beige

Bamboo Dinnerware Set - Beige

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Breakfast, lunch and dinner covered! This 7-Piece Bamboo Dinnerware Set means you almost don't have to do the dishes for the whole day. Think eco-friendly kids-safe dinnerware for your baby, toddler or child. 

Included in this 7-Piece Bamboo Dinnerware Set:

  1. One plate - 20cm (w) x 1cm (h)
  2. One deep plate - 17.7cm (w) x 2.7cm (h)
  3. One bowl - 14.7cm (w) x 4.7cm (h)
  4. One small bowl - 9.5cm (w) x 4.5cm (h)
  5. One drinking cup - 7.5cm (w) x 9cm (h)
  6. One fork - 13.3cm (l)
  7. One spoon - 13.4cm (l).

Our products are made from FSC-certified bamboo fibres, blended with food-grade corn starch, food-grade melamine and food-grade colourant. As it is mainly made of natural materials, it will mostly bio-degrade, unlike 100% plastic or melamine products.

They are:

  • Toxic free
  • BPA and phthalates free
  • FDA and LFGB approved
  • Suitable for hot and cold foods
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack recommended)
  • Not for microwave use.

Care Instructions

While our bamboo products are durable, they are not unbreakable when dropped or knocked onto a hard surface. However, unlike ceramic or glassware that shatters and become a safety hazard, our bamboo products will just chip or crack.

LimaLimes Care Instructions

Top rack dishwasher safe. Not for microwave use.